Fun Company has characters that go with most themes and we are
adding more all the time.  Below are pictures of only a few of the
many we have to offer. There are several options of  activities
including face painting, balloons, magic, games, puppets, glitter
tattoos, etc. that we offer for your special event. Which
entertainer you choose somewhat dictates which activities are
do-able. How old the group of children are and how many will be
attending also effects what works best.
Our entertainers have many fun skills and are a great addition to
any party; so call us and we will work with you to put together the
perfect package for you!

Invite a real fairy tale princess or prince to
your event! We recommend you ask your child
to tell you or draw out their dream fairy tale
character. Imagine their surprise when their
imagination comes to life!!!  

We understand that the appearance and quality
of our costumes are key in the development of
a lovely and delightful party. That's why our
princesses costumes are hand made with the
highest quality materials and products. Each
and every costume is exclusive and uniquely

If you choose one or more of our characters
you will not be disappointed. We place
multi-talented professional performers in
dazzling costumes. Our performers will take
your guests on a magical journey.
Clown, Princess, Pirate, Cowgirl, Cowboy,
Super Hero, Mermaid, Fairy, Magician, Happy
Human/Silly Someone, Cuddly Characters,
Storybook and Movie Characters, and More!
Characters & Clowns
Make it
A Happy Human is one of our most
popular choices for party entertainment
and goes with any theme.  You get all
the fun, cute, professional qualities of a
clown but none of the stigma that
sometimes goes with it. All ages love a
Happy Human at their party, even the
tricky ages of toddlers and teens.
Clowns &
Cuddly Characters
Silly, happy, kind, lovable, cute and fun for
the whole family.  Our professional
entertainers know just how to make sure
everyone has a great time at your party.  
Adding a character that goes with the theme
of your party makes it all the more fun.
Fun Company is always adding new themes
and characters.  If you don't see what you
are looking for just call or email and we will
do our best to get you taken care of.
Call or email Fun Company today and let us help make your party or special
event more fun and more memorable.