More Fun With Sparkle

Your guests can find more fun
before and after the show at:
Fun with Sparkle on YouTube
and Facebook

Sparkle does super fun theme shows that get kids laughing and learning. Music, magic, books, puppets, and more enhance the lesson and the fun. There is always a character building life lesson that goes with the theme built into the show as well.

It doesn't stop there. Sparkle wants all kids to feel confident, capable, and believe in themselves. Supporting lessons from the show and more are available on her YouTube channel Fun with Sparkle. You can use these videos to promote an upcoming visit by Sparkle to your location and get kids excited about your event! For supporting videos and more information about shows go to: Fun With Sparkle.

Sparkle is a second generation children's entertainer who started performing with her mom at the age of 4. This level of experience is rare and gives a unique perspective. When fun is your business you can look at life a bit differently and help others focus on the joy in everything.